Working with Your Body, Not Against It.

Hey everyone!! I'm coming at you this month for some real talk.

I'm going to ask you to question something for me: What if the way your body looks right now is it? What if it doesn't change much from this point on? Can you accept yourself for who you are and your body for what it looks like?

Take some time to fully think about this.

Our bodies are forever changing, fluctuating, and adapting to our current state. When we go through lower stress times, sometimes working out is easier to complete and weight loss or muscle gain occurs. When our current state has high stress, or is incredibly busy, our fitness may take last priority during those times and weight gain or muscle loss can occur. Believe it or not, both are completely normal and it happens to every single person on this planet.

What if we chose to work with our bodies instead of against them? There are certain situations we can't change (like pandemics...) and how you choose to survive through situations of high stress is OK. Let me repeat that: how you choose to survive high stress situations is ok. Period.

Can you accept your body for what it does for you and what it can achieve in every stage of life? Whether that is when you are working out regularly, growing a human being, surviving trauma, living through a pandemic, and even the smaller stressors that just don't seem that small in the moment. Every single stage of life our bodies find a way to survive and get us through. I find that amazing.

Personally, my body has survived pregnancy, labour, delivery, trauma, a disease diagnosis, loss of very close family, and more. Through each of those times in life, the amount I worked out or exercised varied so much.

I did what I could and I see now, that was ok. In the moment, I sometimes thought I was failing and not being as good as I could be, but I vow to move forward through life knowing that my body is doing everything it can and I am really damn proud of it!

So I ask you again: if your body, right now, is it; can you love it no matter what? Can you move forward in life being proud of what you body CAN do for you, instead of focusing on what it isn't doing?

If this question is hard to answer, or you find yourself saying, "No, I can't accept it." I want you to know that is ok. I'd love to sit down and chat with you about what we can do to help get you on a path of doing everything you can to be proud of your body. My goal is to empower women and help them realize that their bodies are capable of so much. That fluctuation is ok and it is normal. Let's be proud of our bodies and work with them, where they are right now, instead of working against them and trying to force them to be something they may never be.

Let's show this world what we are capable of.






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