Why tall of half kneeling positions?

Changing up the position you perform your exercises in can completely change the feel of that movement!

Bringing your center of gravity down, closer to the floor is going to challenge your body in new ways. You are not relying on your feet or legs as much for stability anymore, you are relying more on your core muscles (abdominals, low back, pelvic floor, glutes, etc.).

A lot of times, if my clients notice pressure or discomfort in their pelvis during a standing movement, we will bring them down to either half, tall kneeling, or even seated. Reducing the weight when you do this is also important as you do not have as many bigger muscles to integrate into that movement.

For example, for clients with prolapse or prolapse symptoms, I utilize seated, tall and half kneeling positions for any exercise that may be causing an increase in symptoms. So, instead of removing the movement, which is what I try not to do at all costs, we vary the position of the body so they can continue with that exercise, it just may look a little different!

I also use these positions to challenge a movement. Interesting, eh? For example, a pallof press exercise (see image below). When a client is in standing it may feel "really easy". If that is the case, I bring the client down to half or tall kneeling and all of a sudden the movement is "way harder" and they are feeling the correct muscles a lot more.

Give each of these a try with some upper body or rotational core exercises and let me know how they go!







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