Posture and Alignment

What is “neutral spine”?

It is the position where your spine is at its most anatomically correct. It is where your neck, back, and pelvis are placed under the least amount of stress and strain which allows them to function optimally and with less pain or dysfunction.

Is there such thing as perfect posture? No, there isn’t. Everybody’s “neutral” is going to be a little bit different. There is, however, optimal posture and this is the position where you are in your “best neutral”, I like to call it.

This is why I explain to my clients that when we are strength training, it is important to perform your exercises in “your best neutral”. If you can strengthen in an "optimal posture", that is where you will become the strongest. That way, when you are put in situations where you cannot possibly maintain optimal posture, you will be able to maintain as close to it as possible because that is where you have trained your body to be the strongest.

There are many times throughout the day that we cannot perform movements in an this posture. For example, when you are carrying your little one and trying to pick something off the floor. Or you are carrying a heavy carseat and you have to find the keys from one of your pockets, etc.

Training in an optimal posture will also help your pelvic floor and deep core muscles function at their best which, in turn, will create a better foundation for the stability of your spine. This can help decrease pelvic floor dysfunction, ease back pain, and help you feel stronger overall.

I challenge you to think about your spine and pelvic posture throughout the day. Take a minute to think about where your body is in space when you carry your little ones or bend to pick something up. Is it increasing any pain or symptoms you may be having? If so, I can help you with that! Please contact me with any questions you may have or email me at







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