Looks different to every person.

With times like the ones we are in, it can be very difficult to do the things you normally would for self-care.

I am very fortunate to have close friends and family who take the precautions necessary so we can still see each other. My bubble consists of 8 people. For the past almost 6 months, I have only seen these 8 people (the first 3 months of this my bubble was 1-3), with a couple socially distanced exceptions.

For me, self-care is exercise and kayaking mainly. This has been fairly easy to maintain for me through this time.

Self-care is also quality time with my son, close friends and family; laughing, joking, and making memories with them. Quality time is hard when you're not allowed to be close to those you love most. However, we have found new ways to stay close.

How can/have you modified your ability to maintain taking care of your needs through these crazy times?

Exercise has always been a great way for me to continue showing up for myself. Exercise can be extremely beneficial for mental health, and most importantly physical health. These are so important right now.

Did you know: my programs are created to be done at home with minimal equipment? All you really need is a resistance band, but they can be modified if you do not have access to one right now!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are pregnant or already a mom and you've been on the fence about getting back to fitness. Let's chat about what could work best for you 🙂








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