Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

I talk to every single one of my pre and postnatal clients about pelvic floor (PF) physiotherapy; I will refer when I feel it is necessary but in the end it is their choice to go or not. Whether it may be a pregnant client who is suffering from sciatic pain, pelvic girdle pain, low back pain, etc., a mother who just had her baby, or a client who has been postnatal for years, I refer to a PF physio to be assessed. A PF physio can do the hands-on assessments and treatments that I cannot do under my scope of practice. Most are trained to do internal assessments so they can get a feel for how the pelvic floor is activating and relaxing, check/monitor the degree of a prolapse, and more. As I tell my clients, a physio cannot assess the knee with jeans on, a PF physio cannot fully assess the PF without an internal assessment.

This also helps with how I train my clients. I work directly with your PF physio and communicate about what they find (with your consent, of course). With that information, I can cue you better through your movements and your breathing. If a client has an over-active PF, I now know to cue more for relaxation than activation of the pelvic floor. If the PF is under-active, I know to cue my client to focus on the activation, and so on. I get insight to what you are working on with the physio and can incorporate that into your workout and the cuing for movements.

Depending on what is going on, not a ton of sessions are needed. I recommend all postnatal women go see a PF physio and tell them to treat it like a doctor’s appointment: get a yearly check-up. Things can change without you noticing and certain dysfunctions can be managed better when caught early (for example: pelvic organ prolapse).

If you feel pelvic floor physiotherapy is something you could benefit from, please do not hesitate to contact me and I can direct you to one in your area!








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