A Little More About Me


My Story

While pregnant with my son, I got lost in all the information available for pregnant women and new moms; don't do planks, don't lift too heavy, don't jump, etc. It was then that I decided I wanted to learn everything I could about safe and effective exercise during and following pregnancy. Yes, there are certain movements that should be avoided in certain stages of pre/postpartum or with certain dysfunctions; it is my passion to find ways to get women safely back to doing the movements they love while staying active no matter the situation. I believe women deserve more when it comes to health and fitness

I am a Kinesiologist who is driven to help moms train safely through pregnancy as well as help them back into fitness following delivery.

My certifications include: Certified Pre and Postnatal Coach, Postnatal Fitness Specialist, Core confidence Specialist, and training in FMS (Functional Movement Screens), FMT (Fascial Movement Taping), and STR (Soft Tissue Release). 


My Vision

I believe that women can strength train through pregnancy and beyond. My vision is to teach women new and unique ways to keep their bodies moving through pregnancy and support them back into movement and exercise after having their child. 

There are many dysfunctions that can occur during or after pregnancy (diastasis recti, hernias, pelvic organ prolapse, etc). These do not need to be deal breakers for fitness and exercise. Postpartum bodies are beautiful and I want to help women see and believe that their bodies are capable of amazing things.

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